92nd Oscars Backstage Interview Transcript: MAKEUP AND HAIRSTYLING

SPEECH BY: Kazu Hiro, Anne Morgan, Vivian Baker


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Q. Congratulations on your Oscar win tonight. During your acceptance, you highlighted the producer, Charlize Theron, and mentioned that she had done something to further your art of the makeup for the movie. So I wonder if you can elaborate a little bit more on that.
A. (Kazu Hiro) Elaborate. She has done something. Yes. Well, there's so many things she had done because the movie, one time, it start to fall apart because one studio left. But she found a new funder. And, you know, like a studio, and right away, and she built back up the whole production. And that was great. And also, she's an amazing actress and a producer too. And she is so patient and she went for it, you know, like, just amazing actress. So that's what I meant. Yeah.

Q. Congratulations on your second award. And first of all, I'd like to ask about what -- so you got the award two years ago, same award. And what kind of impact did the award two years ago make, this second award? Just -- and secondly -- yeah. And secondly, is your experience in Japan with Japanese heritage contributing to your -- those two awards?
A. (Kazu Hiro) Right. Okay. I guess what you meant was, it's really -- actually, since -- because in 2012, I left the whole industry because I got sick of it. And then I came back because of Gary Oldman asked me to do it. And by doing that, you know, this is -- this kind of a makeup job I wanted to do for a long time. So it really helped me to change my whole career and brought me so many great movies to me. So that was the biggest impact.  And also, there's so many actors who wanted to work with me, and that's a great thing too. And what was the second question?

Q. Japanese heritage contributed to --
A. Oh, you know what, I'm sorry to say, but I left Japan and I became American because I got tired -- I got tired of the culture; too submissive and, you know, so hard to make a dream come true. So that's why I'm living here. Sorry.

Q. Hi. Just to clarify something you said in your answer to the question before, does this mean that you are permanently out of retirement now? Do we have you back in the Hollywood industry?
A. (Kazu Hiro) You know, retirement means you have enough money not to work at all, and I'm not that rich. So I have to keep working. And I love to do my fine art and also makeup job. So I love both. And so I just keep doing it until I die.

Q. It's amazing because I think makeup and hairstyling is so important, and I always follow the movies, and the people, the actors are always sitting for a very, very, very long time sometimes to get their makeup and hair done. How hard was that for you guys? Because you do this every day for hours and hours?
A. (Vivian Baker) Well, I really will contribute Charlize as well for sitting very still to get all the stuff done. And we did a lot of double-teaming, you know, we would work simultaneously at every point we could. And we wanted to give Jay Roach the ability to get as many shots as he needed. And so our agenda was to be as precise and as perfect, not lose any finesse, and to get it done quickly.


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