Some Like It Hot


A regular title on lists of the greatest Hollywood comedies, Some Like It Hot was released in 1959 and marked a peak in a hot streak for director Billy Wilder, who also co-wrote the screenplay with regular collaborator I.A.L. Diamond.  The story of two down-and-out musicians fleeing from the mob by disguising themselves as women in an all-female band headed to Florida offered plum roles for stars Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, as well as memorable character roles for Joe E. Brown, George Raft and Pat O'Brien. Now let's take a look back at how this all-time classic of screen comedy was made and why it still cracks up audiences of all ages today.

Marilyn Monroe and Billy Wilder
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Well, Nobody's Perfect
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Billy Wilder and Tony Curtis
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Some Like It Hot
Some Like It Hot
Some Like It Hot
Some Like It Hot
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