The Godfather


In 1972, Mario Puzo's bestselling crime novel The Godfather was brought to the big screen by Paramount Pictures and a young writer-director named Francis Ford Coppola. It became a major critical and commercial success, with the saga of the Corleone family becoming an American epic spanning two additional films. Now let's take a look back at the Oscar-winning trilogy, which makes an offer so good that moviegoers still find it impossible to refuse. Featuring highlights from the Margaret Herrick Library and the Academy Film ArchiveExplore more Academy Collections here.

the first draft
On the Set of The Godfather Part II
Francis Ford Coppola and Marlon Brando
The scene index
The Godfather Premiere
The Godfather Premiere
American poster
Spanish-language poster
The Godfather in Sicily
The Godfather Wins Best Picture
Marlon Brando Wins Best Actor
The Godfather's Adapted Screenplay Win
Prints held for ransom
Puzo's original draft
Making The Godfather Part II
Al Pacino Screen Test
The Costume Designs of The Godfather Part II
The Corleone Family Tree
Roger Corman cameo
Francis Ford Coppola and Mario Puzo Win Adapted Screenplay
The Godfather Part II's Directing Oscar
The Godfather Part II Wins Best Picture
The Godfather Part II Wins Art Direction
Robert De Niro Wins Supporting Actor
The Godfather Part III
Francis Ford Coppola
Milena Canonero
Godfather video game
unique opportunity
Kathryn Bigelow on Francis Ford Coppola
Robert De Niro on Francis Ford Coppola