The members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are the organization's greatest asset, an assemblage of the finest artists and craftspersons of the art form.

On this page the Academy pays homage to those members who have passed away this year. Academy Awards and nominations are noted (a win is indicated by an asterisk) as well as service on the Academy's Board of Governors. To see the In Memoriam from the 2023 Oscars click here.


Sharon Acker – Actors Branch

Burt F. Bacharach – Music Branch
1965 (38th) Music (Song) – “What’s New Pussycat?” from “What’s New Pussycat?”
1966 (39th) Music (Song) – “Alfie” from “Alfie”
1967 (40th) Music (Song) – “The Look Of Love” from “Casino Royale”
1969 (42nd) *Music (Original Score for a motion picture) – “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”
1969 (42nd) *Music (Song) – “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head” from “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”
1981 (54th) *Music (Original Song) – “Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do)” from “Arthur”

Simone Bär – Casting Directors

Spencer Baumgarten – Members-at-Large

Harry Belafonte – Actors Branch
2014 (87th) *Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Awared

Bruce Bisenz – Sound Branch

James D. Brubaker – Members-at-Large

Wilmer C. Butler – Cinematographers Branch
1975 (48th) Cinematography – “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

Donn Cambern – Film Editors Branch
Board of Governors, July 1981-July 1984, July 1985-July 1994, August 1997-July 2000, August 2002-July 2011
Secretary, July 1988-July 1989; Vice President, July 1989-July 1992, July 1993-July 1994, August 1997-July 1999; 1st Vice President, July 1992-July 1993; Treasurer, August 1999-July 2000
1984 (57th) “Romancing the Stone”

W. Daniel Carter – Associates

Ronald J. Cayo – Associates

Nicolas Coster – Actors Branch

Robert Dalva – Film Editors Branch
1979 (52nd) Film Editing – “The Black Stallion”

Ambra Danon – Costume Designers Branch
1979 (52nd) Costume Design – “La Cage aux Folles”

Melinda Dillon – Actors Branch
1977 (50th) Actress in a Supporting Role – “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”
1981 (54th) Actress in a Supporting Role – “Absence of Malice”

Glenn Farr – Film Editors Branch
1983 (56th) *Film Editing – “The Right Stuff”

David S. Finfer – Film Editors Branch
1993 (66th) Film Editing – “The Fugitive”

Gerald Fried – Music Branch
1975 (48th) Music (Original Score) – “Birds Do It, Bees Do It”

Bert I. Gordon – Directors Branch

David Hollis – Executives Branch

Gregory Allen Howard – Writers Branch

Hugh Hudson – Directors Branch
1981 (54th) Directing – “Chariots of Fire”

William J. Immerman – Executives Branch

Erik Lomis – Executives Branch

Tom Luddy – Producers Branch

Burnett A. Mattinson – Short Films and Feature Animation
1983 (56th) Short Film (Animated) – “Mickey’s Christmas Carol”

Nelson E. Meacham – Sound Branch

Walter Mirisch – Producers Branch
Board of Governors, June 1964-May 1970, June 1972-May 1978, July 1979-June 1982
President, June 1973-May 1977
1967 (40th) *Best Picture – “In the Heat of the Night”
1977 (50th) *Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award
1982 (55th) *Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award

Barry Newman – Actors Branch

William Robert Orcutt – Short Films and Feature Animation Branch

Edward Pressman – Producers Branch

Peter Rawley – Associates

David Barry Reardon – Executives Branch

John Refoua – Film Editors Branch
2009 (82nd) Film Editing – “Avatar”

Norman Reynolds – Production Design Branch
1976 (49th) Art Direction – “The Incredible Sarah”
1977 (50th) *Art Direction – “Star Wars”
1980 (53rd) Art Direction – “The Empire Strikes Back”
1981 (54th) *Art Direction – “Raiders of the Lost Ark”
1983 (56th) Art Direction – “Return of the Jedi”
1987 (60th) Art Direction – “Empire of the Sun”

Edward L. Rissien – Producers Branch

Owen Roizman – Cinematographers Branch
Board of Governors, August 2002-July 2011
1971 (44th) Cinematography – “The French Connection”
1973 (46th) Cinematography – “The Exorcist”
1976 (49th) Cinematography – “Network”
1982 (55th) Cinematography – “Tootsie”
1994 (67th) Cinematography – “Wyatt Earp”
2017 (90th) *Honorary Award

DeWitt L. Sage – Documentary Branch
1971 (44th) Documentary (Short Subject) – “Art Is…”
1973 (46th) *Documentary (Short Subject) – “Princeton: A Search for Answers”
1977 (50th) Documentary (Short Subject) – “First Edition”

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Music Branch
1987 (60th) *Music (Original Score) – “The Last Emperor”

Julian Sands – Actors Branch

Arnold Schulman – Writers Branch
1963 (36th) Writing (Story and Screenplay written directly for the screen) – “Love with the Proper Stranger”
1969 (42nd) Writing (Screenplay based on material from another medium) – “Goodbye, Columbus”

Norman Steinberg – Writers Branch

Miiko Taka – Actors Branch

C. Topol – Actors Branch
1971 (44th) Actor – “Fiddler on the Roof”

Lawrence Turman – Producers Branch
1967 (40th) Best Picture – “The Graduate”

Raquel Welch – Actors Branch

Peter Werner – Documentary Branch
1976 (49th) *Short Film (Live Action) – “In the Region of Ice”

Jay Weston – Producers Branch

Thomas R. Whitlock – Music Branch
1986 (59th) *Music (Original Song) – “Take My Breath Away” from “Top Gun”

Treat Williams – Actors Branch

Rob Young – Sound Branch
1992 (65th) Sound – “Unforgiven”